About Me

Gerardo Lopez - Tacoguy

I'm a passionate Mexican entrepreneur, TV host, and adventurer who, alongside Diana Hull, co-founded La Tortilleria, a traditional Mexican tortilla bakery in Melbourne that supplies authentic corn tortillas to grocery stores and restaurants across Australia and South East Asia. In 2018, I was awarded the Mexican Federal Government's award for Outstanding Mexican Abroad, this highly selective award honours Mexicans living overseas who have made a valuable contribution to raising the profile and enhancing the image of Mexico in foreign lands. I'm also the host of 'This is Mexico' that premiered in Australia in 2020 and has a global audience.

Culture and history

Mexico is rich in indigenous culture and its legacy can be appreciated in every corner of the country. Today, indigenous culture, traditions, and food enjoy an unprecedented appreciation and rediscovery by Mexicans and the world alike. But it hasn't always been like this...


Removing the heat from the chillies can be easily accomplished by using one or a combination of techniques that will make sure that you enjoy your Mexican dishes without having to worry about whether chillies will be spicy or not'


There is an important reason behind the fact that the best tortillas are always found in small towns rather than the big cities! It is all thanks to the indigenous Mexicans for keeping the ancient traditions dated back to pre-hispanic time alive until this day. This is mine and La Tortilleria's nixtamal journey in Australia.

Popular Recipes

Tacos veganos de cochinita pibil

Tacos de suadero casero

Enchiladas Mineras