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Pan de cazon

Fish Bread

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The title is misleading given that this recipe is prepared with tortillas instead of bread, in classic Mexican style. An easy recipe that will, perhaps, challenge how you view fish tacos.
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Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time35 minutes
Total Time55 minutes
Servings4 people


  • 12 corn tortillas preferably from La Tortilleria
  • 500 g barramundi ‘cazón’ or dogfish is an endangered species but a white flaky fish will work (e.g. snapper)
  • 7 tomatoes
  • ½ white or brown onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tbsp epazote fresh or dry
  • 1 habanero chilli
  • 1 cup refried black beans
  • 1 avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Salt to taste


  • Cook the barramundi in a pot with boiling water, one garlic clove, a quarter of an onion and a little bit of salt. Let it cook for about 15 minutes over low heat or until it is cooked through.
    Pan de cazon
  • Finely chop the other garlic clove and a quarter of an onion and cut two tomatoes into cubes.
    Pan de cazon
  • Once the fish is ready, remove from the boiling water - but don’t dispose of the water as we will use it for the salsa - and crumble the barramundi with the help of two forks.
    Pan de cazon
  • Heat a bit of olive oil in a pan and sauté the chopped onion until it becomes transparent, then add the garlic, the diced tomato, epazote, a little of the water used to cook the fish, salt, and shredded barramundi, cook for about ten minutes.
    Pan de cazon
  • Meanwhile, boil the rest of the tomatoes and put in a blender with the onion, garlic and water used to cook the fish - poor the water slowly until you achieve the desired consistency.
    Pan de cazon
  • In a hot pan add a little olive oil and pour the salsa, add the habanero pepper to release a little of its flavour and cook over medium heat until it boils and changes colour to a more intense red.
    Pan de cazon
  • Reheat the refried beans. In another pan, add a little bit of oil and lightly pass the tortillas on the oil to reheat.
    Pan de cazon
  • On a plate, lay down a layer of salsa followed by one tortilla on top, then a layer of beans on top of the tortilla, and cover the beans with barramundi. Repeat with as many layers as you would like. At the top, add another tortilla, cover in salsa and garnish with avocado slices.
    Pan de cazon
  • ¡Buen provecho!
    Pan de cazon